Star Sea by Ariadnedalua

Star Sea


29 January 2013 at 12:13:17 MST

"A sea of stars, where many where born...Then to fly up to the skies

to lighten the night!"

This came out originaly from a random doodle I did, and at first it was to be a sea of clouds but I didn't liked how it got... Then I started to try something different. Its that random moments that you brain just fart a word and you get the idea... Plus this idea reminds me my mother, she loves stars! So I had to make it look really special, to show that magical and calm feeling. I hope I managed to share that feelings throught this piece.

Also This gave me lots of practice haha, not only on linelles art but in light and other effects as well. I think it was good to decide to finish this one, even more because I love how it got. =)

Done in Photoshop.

Art by me.

Special thanks for my mommy for being one of my biggest inspirations! I love you mom! <3

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    *brain explodes, chunks of brain slide down wall and onto floor in heap of brain*

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      Wow, now that is a explosive reacition =o hahah

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    wow i adore this <3

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    The picture gives me a peaceful feeling. I saw many "birdwhales" but this is the first time when I see "sealbirds".

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      Im really glad it gives you a peaceful feeling! Its so gratifying when I manage to pass those feeling through my art =)

      Oh and yup, I have saw a lot of flying whales with that concepts. My first Idea was something with seals, and I tought it would get good instead of just making whales ^^