Who Is Argent Fatalis?

Argent Fatalis is a sentient, sapient Smilodon, or a fully self aware deviation of the traditional saber toothed cat; one that is capable of higher cognitive thought; human-like intelligence and reasoning. However, his ferocious and killer nature lie just beneath the surface, maintained solely by mental reservation and extensive restraint which developed alongside his expansive intellect. As a giant quadruped, that of which is twenty percent larger in size than Smilodon populator, Argent Fatalis contends with living in a world not constructed for him. In comparison to human beings Argent Fatalis is a living leviathan; standing at five feet six inches tall, over eleven feet in length, and weighing in at nearly a ton his form is a grand beast of muscle and fur. Just as dangerous as any other big cat, his demeanor can turn from passive observance to mortal threat in the fleeting of a moment. Unable to always contain the instinct within him, he is prone to utilizing his established assets in order to place himself far from contact with humanity until his ever present observers require him to return... which they frequently do.

Argent Fatalis' entire existence entirely denied by the powers at hand, even mockingly so at his expense, he is rightly the subject of fear and loathing; confirmation of his presence in the world would instantly upset the already shaky balance of power established for humanity, acting as a revelation mankind cannot endure. Thus he is treated like an urban legend - a myth - and denied to the greatest extent by any and all factual or credible sources, with or without their knowing of the reality at hand.

Argent Fatalis' world is the one we hold so personal, so close; it is our own. Within this locale, there is no presence of magic, no elements of epic science fiction, just the simple, gritty reality of life; regular, every day life. Everything contained within is based upon hard fact, or the realm of credible plausibility and nothing occurs in Argent's world that cannot reasonably occur within our own, because they are, by many extents, one in the same.

What is fiction and what is reality, is for you, the viewer, to decide.


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    Nice collection of art! Sabers are pretty awesome. :)

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    I love saber tooth my charter Carrie is a saber tooth wolf :)

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    Not sure how you'll take this, but I figured I'd ask ... ._. Sorry if you feel like I am imposing ... it's not intended ...

    ... I realize I'm not really at your level, but ... I was wondering if you'd be interested in an art trade? ... You can see more of my art here:

    Thanks you and sorry for the bother ...

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      I apologize for the significant delay in response, but it is of no bother.

      Sadly, I am not an artist - all of the pieces I have within my gallery are commissioned works.

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        Aw, okay. :) Haha. That's fine. Thank you, anyway.