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Cats Like Fursuit! by AoiTheDragon

Cats Like Fursuit!


Looks like these two cats really like Princess the Cat! Always jolly good seeing cats get along, huh? Enjoy! :3

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    I didn't know you had so many cats ^w^ they're cute! especially the black one, I love black cats and tortie cats :3 I use to have a tortoiseshell black cat that was originally timid but grew to really love me and was super sweet ^-^ she use to be quiet and silent but when I helped gave the confidence she gave loud needy meows it was funny XDD my toxic family found her "annoying" but she was still my friend anyway so at least I loved her UwU I never seen her angry either, she was the sweetest thing I miss her

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      Heh heh yesh! I have three in total! Just two of them in this video but I couldn't include the third one or else the video would've been too long lol! Was going for a Short on YouTube! ^w^ And I agree! Black cats rock and awwww, your cat sounded like such a sweetheart! I can totally understand that you miss her!

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        I understand :3 yeahh sadly my shitty "family" is always trying to take me away from my friends and things I love, but at least they can't control my life anymore, now that I've finally moved away from them. then again, my life was never their's to begin with so they can't rule over me forever, they're not the boss of me and they can't tell me what to do. :) so yeh, finally! peace and freedom. UwU /nay