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Hello! Thanks for looking at my page ❤︎

Gill . He/Him . Sleepy

I'm pretty low energy and sleepy all the time, people think it's intimidating sometimes; I'm actually really calm and sort of simple I promise-- hdsjhfdsdkj

I enjoy doing character designing, illustration, and digital art as a hobby. I am a pysch, fine arts, and art history student and oil painting is my specialty; If I could I would live on a sunny hill in the country and paint all day. I have a pet chicken named pubbers and I love her very much!

I do commissions to make extra money along side my job. I tend to work with other peoples price ranges since not everyone can afford an expensive commission; My full commission information can be found here. I keep it in a google drive doc to make editing easier for myself. I also do stuff outside of the listed items, basically you can ask me for anything and I'm likely not to say no unless the work/price don't matchup. I will say with 100% certainty I don't do nsfw/kink/fetish commissions

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