Sonic (the movie) - redesign by Anhes

Sonic (the movie) - redesign


2 May 2019 at 14:13:36 MDT

My interpretation of how I would like to be the sonic design in the movie. I tried to keep some details of the movie, but at my style. Why the pants? Well, if he will look more "realistic" I feel that he will need to cover some parts, and if they give him "NI..." shoes, why not runner shorts? =P

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    I don't even really care that much about the movie, but seeing this makes me realize how terrible his design is, because this is so much better! His little running shorts are really cute and a nice touch! He definitely looks less creepy and like he's ready to tear up the track

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    So much better. I like how it bare's more resemblance to his original video-game counterpart.

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    this is much better than what his official design was
    thank god their changing it in all honesty