November Conbadge Exchange: Mazz by AngelBlancoArts

November Conbadge Exchange: Mazz


29 November 2016 at 20:52:50 MST

A very bright and wonderfully happy assignment for Weasyl's ConbadgeExchange <:D
I was assigned Mazz for this month!

It's the group's adorable fox mascot..uh..Fox. <:) haha Well, his full name is Conbadge Fox. ^^
She wanted a Winter or Christmas theme. Conny looks sooo cute and festive in his Santa garb and with all the bright and beautiful Christmas bregalia all around him. ^

Conbadge Fox belongs to Mazz and Conbadge Exchange group
Art is mine


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    Oh my gosh, so cute!

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    I is really cute! :D

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      D'Aww! Thank you too! X3 hehe

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        You're most welcome! :D

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    I love how he got a badge for christmas it's so cute.