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Ivan the Yellow by Amber-Aria

Ivan the Yellow


7 October 2013 at 04:55:05 MDT

Okay, I couldn’t take it anymore. I HAD to attempt to draw something quick of Ivan Istochnikov from The Wonderful 101. He’s just too goshdarned adorable for words, seriously.

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    Nice piece there Amber. I've actually yet to play or buy the Wonderful 101, how is it?

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      I'm glad you find it nice! As for the actual game lovely Ivan is from?
      *deep breath*

      The Wonderful 101 is goddamned AMAZING.

      Seriously and wholly, it has become one of my absolute favourite video games, and it's probably the most fun I've had with a game in years, that wasn't Zelda-related. And for anyone that knows how much I utterly obsess over anything Zelda? That's a huge deal. xD It's a game worth buying a Wii U for, in my personal opinion, but I know not everyone would see it that way.

      But dammit, I will encourage just about anyone to at least give it a try, even if you just borrow it from a friend to play through the first Operation or two and get a feel for the action and the humour. The entire time that I played the game, it somehow kept defying everything I thought it would be, and kept getting even more insane and exciting. And hilarious. It reminded me a lot of Gurren Lagann at times, especially with how immense and absurdly epic the battles felt near the end. ...Actually, the way I've described it to a lot of people is that if you crossed Viewtiful Joe with Pikmin and blended in a cupful of Gurren Lagann. >>;

      It has a really steep difficulty curve at first while you get used to the controls, but once you've gotten your brain wrapped around that, and your reflexes honed, it becomes extremely satisfying. There's plenty of times where a particular fight can be on the verge of really frustrating, but it never feels like the game is being unfair. (Aside from one or two times where the camera just won't listen, but thankfully, those moments don't last very long.) Catching morph cues and using the Wonder Liner quickly becomes second nature with enough practice. After that, it just feels badass to whip out combos and Unite Morphs like no one's business~

      And the boss fights.
      Every boss fight is a blast, and while I've replayed several boss battles to the point of pretty much being able to speedrun them, I still whoop and holler like an idiot when I get to deal the final blow. It's marvelous.

      It's just an amazing roller coaster ride of a game that I'm constantly tempted to replay, even with a gaming backlog about ten cases deep sitting on my shelf right now. And it just saddens me how few people seem to know about this game, or care to find out more about it. :<


      ...TL;DR: The Wonderful 101 is seriously awesome, and I'm an overly passionate fangirl who likes to type essays about it because she loves it so much. I'm so sorry, this comment kinda exploded. D8

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        I think I'll now be giving the game's demo a try ASAP then :)
        I might try to save up for this next once I'm done with some bills and current batch of console games. This said, with the new Zelda on 3DS now finished, that's a whole lot less of games in the way :)

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          Excellent! The demo gives a good feel of the game, even if I only really started to understand the controls and such at the VERY end. It's confusing, but it'll click once you start messing around. Here's hoping you enjoy!

          I only just finished Link Between Worlds myself sometime last week, and I've been tempted to restart my file with Hero's Mode... but I really need to play my new games rather than just replay the ones I adore. ewe;; *laugh*

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            Well, right now there's Mario 3dLand I need to give the finishing kick to myself, and hopefully maybe start that game of Pokemon Y as well ^^