Male Asari Redraw by AlienAlfredo

Male Asari Redraw


16 September 2015 at 16:46:13 MDT

wanted to do the 'draw this again' meme so i did it for this -

Over the two years my feelings have change a little about male Asari? I mean it's a cool idea but originally the Asari are meant to be a monogendered species according to the creator of ME and it should stay as the creator intended! but this is fan art so its just a creative exploration! Maybe in the universe where 'male' Asari exist, this guy would be one of them fancy dancers hah.

Asari and Mass Effect belongs to their rightful owner

artwork belongs to me :>

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    :o great improvement! Also I don't see a problem with this, its no different then "male" gems and "female" namekians. Monogender humanoid alien species that are super coded towards one human sexual morph are fun to see moving towards the other side of the spectrum.

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      Yeah what you say is true! I mean with the Gems or Namekians it is fun seeing them venture to the otherside and you see masculine gemsonas a lot which I love! It's just, I've never seen Namekians and Gems as sexualized as the Asari, like the creators say, 'no no no, they're mono-gendered they don't need sex for reproduction' when I go through playing ME feeling like they are pure eye candy and purposely made to be the sexualized species of the universe... So now that I think about it again, even more reason to do some 'gender-bending' Maybe this Asari is just the same on the inside as all the other Asari just as really teeny boops and very angular and muscular structure xD

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        Perhaps xP I mean with my species Ginaga some Ginaga look more male and other more female by human standards but they all have the same... uh... organs as one another so its very possible than manly one you drew just looks different but is effectively the same as all Asari xP

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          Just as I'm studying right now I suppose, sex is on a continuum and the line dividing male and female is pretty blurry and nobody quite knows where its at! If a species has no binary or are both the same organ wise than that might make the continuum even blurrier ^^ It''s fun to see what you can do with that kind of thing. Like what if in a species, an individual we consider masculine is treated in society as women are in our society? And vice versa uugghh this is why I like aliens and sci fi so much you can do a lot of things with world building!

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            Yep! I enjoy sci fi for that reason, it exist in fantasy writing too though often to a more "fantastical" level rather than scientific :U.