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2D (and sometimes 3D) French artist

Commissions: OPEN

Professionally a 3D animator, on my spare time (and so on this account) a 2D drawer and comic maker.

I draw especially dragons, often in a kinky way, and have a mostly SFW, but still mature, big Comic project I'm working on.

If you feel interested, go give me a visit at one of the link below, and why not follow me or subscribe to my Patreon if you wish to support my projects. ;)

Latest Journal


Hello everyone!

I have important news to share with you.

Yesterday, I got a new mail. A mail I was prepared to receive, but unsure if it would be positive, or negative. And in the end... it was positive.

Yes, you heard it right, I got a new job! =D


However, this new job will also have an impact for one full month on my activity as "Akelun". And this impact is that I will have to move, quickly, from the South-East of France, to North-East. And I guess some of you may know what this is: calling all the services to find a new home, to say I will leave my current home, doing the boxes, cleaning my current home to leave it, selling the goods I can't move with me (probably the hardest part for me since I will have just 3 small weeks)...

Etc... Etc... I guess you get it. I will not have the time to be active for one full month.

The good news, though, is that I will start my new job as a "freelance artist". Which will also mean that, once I'm well settled, I should be able to work more actively on my comics again, and maybe even on commissions. YAY!

I'll come back to you, hopefully with new fresh content, once I'm done moving.
I wish you all a great day... And more importantly, a late Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year! <3

See you soon!

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    Hi, thank you so veeeeeeeeeeeeeery much for the +follow ;) :D:D !!!

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      You're welcome! ^^
      I really like your drawings with chastity in it. Very hot. =) <3

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    Joyeux anniversaire!

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    Joyeux anniversaire! :D

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      Ah ! Mais t'étais pas obligé de me le souhaiter sur tous les sites espèce de fifou ! XD
      Merci quand même, ça fait bien plaisir ! =3

      Dragon hugs ^^

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        Si, parce que je te n'aime. o.o dragon hugs back

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          Gah ! Décidément... crazy dragons are crazy. XD

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            leche ta joue