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2D animator
3D artist

Uses essentially Sai, Flash and Blender.
Knows how to use Gimp, Photoshop, Krita, MyPaint, Softimage, Maya.
Knows some basis of Lightwave, 3DS-max.

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Happy birthdaaaaaaa... SICKNESS to me! YEAY! =u=°

on 29 September 2017 at 14:18:13 MDT

Here I am. In 2 hours (French Timezone) will be the day. The day when the lil dragon came out of his egg. The day when I were born. My hatchday, or, like it's more commonly known, my birthday! YAY!

And what a better present to give to myself for this day than a good prize of medicines, including an antibiotic! Woo Hoo! I'm so happy! =D


(Don't worry though, I am not heavily sick! Just a classic throat infection which has gotten worse. I am talking right now like a little mouse would talk if it can talk. How cute... ^^')

Anyway, as a reminder for anyone possibly interested, I opened recently some NSFW freebies (available at my gallery on FurAffinity and Weasyl (and my Furry-Network and my NSFW tumblr account, but I'd prefere to receive suggestions in comments on the 2 first websites I named). If you already posted your suggestion, or if you come now and read the description, you could notice that I said I wanted to post my art trade with a friend first and that if everything went well, I could have done it and be able to start working on these freebies from this coming week-end (as I got a job, I can work only the week-ends most of the time). Unfortunately, I have to report it to the next week-end probably.

So, if anyone is interested, don't hesitate to let a comment on my NSFW freebies. And for everyone who already have posted their suggestions, I have to ask you to be a little more patient.

Happy hatchday to me and have all a good night!
(And don't forget to wear warm clothes. It's cold outside. Yeap! Even you, who are from a country where it is 30°C right now, wear warm clothes. Be careful, there are throat infections everywhere! XD)

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    Joyeux anniversaire!

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    Joyeux anniversaire! :D

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      Ah ! Mais t'étais pas obligé de me le souhaiter sur tous les sites espèce de fifou ! XD
      Merci quand même, ça fait bien plaisir ! =3

      Dragon hugs ^^

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        Si, parce que je te n'aime. o.o dragon hugs back

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          Gah ! Décidément... crazy dragons are crazy. XD

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            leche ta joue

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              Ferme les yeux et rougis. >///<

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    Thank you for the follow good sir. :) (little late ^^; )