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Tama x Lagi by Akaikosh

Tama x Lagi


19 June 2016 at 15:01:10 MDT

I do like the thought of Tamamitsune and Lagiacrus being paired together, so I drew this <3

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    Aw, how cute. Lagiacrus seems quite surprised.

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      Pleasantly surprised I hope x3

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        It would seem so. Maybe he's surprised that they aren't hybrids.

        Imagine a Tama/Lagi hybrid. Electrically charged bubbles!

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          Maybe their second batch of eggs would produce hybrids xD Mmm and that'd be interesting - zappity bubbles!

          Lagi's spike-crest thing near the back of his jaw makes expressions tricky with him. Technically, the corners of his mouth can still be visible so they can curve up or down for smiles/frowns/etc, but that large spike thing often gets in the way, so it's hard to tell. Resulting in him often looking grumpy when he might not be xD

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            Ah, I know how that goes. I have a Lagiacrus character myself, and he looks a tad grumpy.

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              Sparky, hehe... Cute name for a Lagi.
              I was thinking of what I'd be naming my monsters in MHS, but I can't help but think I'd just end up naming mine 'Lagiacrus' just because the one I have in my characters refused every name I tried giving him anyway xD

     Lagi looks so cute in that game ;v;

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                Haha, interesting. Say, you do asks for your characters, right? How would Lagi react to seeing Sparky? I imagine that in comparison, he's kinda small.

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                  Yeah on my Tumblr, though they're closed at the moment since I'm still working through the ones that piled up in the meantime xD

                  Keeping in-character though, he'd probably be shocked at the bulkiness of Sparky hehe. Not often you see lag's like that. Er, well out of the ones we usually see anyway P:

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                    Mm. I'd love to know when the asks are open again, so I could submit the question there. I'd love to see his reaction! Owo

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                      Shocked and possibly slightly unnerved is my guess XD An 'omg' sort of expression? :P

                      Aaaaah.... Facial expressions, so much difficult ;v;

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                        That's true, especially when the corners of the mouth are covered. Maybe some wide-eyed expression gets it across?