Rem Kitsu by Airu

Rem Kitsu


30 July 2015 at 10:58:21 MDT

Designed up a new character for Sawolf151 because he showed interest as a commission! I shamelessly want more people to have fun with Kitsus, even if they're an over-hashed concept these days... so it's kind of a challenge to me anyway. He wanted an elemental Kitsu, too so that's even more fun.

We came up with Rem, she works with the dead, either at the morgue or helping with burial plans and embalming, something. Her elemental magic gives her the ability to animate dead corpses. One of the strangest things about her is she keeps a few of these corpses around and plays with them like toys, calling them her "friends" to anyone she manages to talk to.
More info soon, hopefully but so far that's the basics.

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    WOAH!!!111111 I totally love how the foreground character is made to POP out with the white outline you gave it. C:
    Lovin' dat werewolf too!

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    Such a cool character and pose! I absolutely adore those colors, also she kinda looks like a hairless kitty and lord do i love hairless kitties :33

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    Holy shit she's a wicked design!

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    This is pretty epic. She's a cool character design. I like your lines in this and your stylization of her robes.