Hi there, i'm Emily Forrest, i like to draw and write. I like video games, tv, movies, horses, nature, and robots.

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i found myself back on deviantart

on 5 June 2020 at 17:39:42 MDT

after what happened with its redesign i thought i would be leaving forever, possibly. but i found even this website is not totally ideal to keep my art on, with it feeling more alien of a community. smaller and my watcherbase is all on DA. so as much as i may not like it, i went back to deviantart and have started getting used to it. Eclipse is still... Eclipse, but it's adaptable at least. There are a few bits of it i do find well designed, like the banner above your profile (although i admit i like the banner here better). overall its still a messy interface and i'd take the old one back in a heartbeat, but deviantart is still where i found myself home, and i sorta can't leave it completely. so deviantart will remain my main art hub.

but that doesn't mean i'm leaving here, nonono i'll still post here, maybe less but i figure i have this account and might as well do something with it. my DA will include more art but this one will see activity, maybe even journals from time to time. we'll see how life goes.

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    This is very late but thank you for the followww!!

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      you're welcome! a thank you is a thank you no matter when it's said :)

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    Thank you so much for the fave!! Megan is very dear to my heart!!

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      you're welcome, you deserve it!