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Hello, My name’s Ludus (or Dog) and I like to draw sometimes

I go by any pronouns


Birthday December 13th

Tips appreciated!

Latest Journal

Commission info! + Request info for future reference

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my commission information. My name is Ludus and I am currently unemployed due to health issues. Any money that comes from commissions go towards my medication and groceries!


Please contact me through one of these means:

Discord - Ludus#7470
Telegram - Dogsslime
Twitter - Dogsthroat
Email - furryfunarttime[at]

Lineart w/light shading
Fullbody $50
Bust $35
Fullbody $30
Bust $18
Flat color included

Fullbody $15
Bust $10
Add flat color +$5

Icons $20
-Icons are 1024 px x 1024 px
-Flat color included

Revisions after initial sketch is approved by you is an extra $5 each. Revisions to the sketch are free up to 3 revisions. Please give as much info on pose, sound effects, colors, ect. when setting up the commission.

If you do message me through notes on FA or Weasyl, it might take me a bit to reply back.

If a request is out of my ability range or something I am not comfortable with (rarely happens), I will most likely deny your commission inquiry.

I will not draw young/cub. I will draw pretty much anything else! If you've got an uncommon kink, no worries! I love exploring new things to draw.

It can take 1-2 weeks to complete when I start on your commission. Wait times vary on what my queue is like.

Personal use only, not to be used commercially.

I accept PayPal and Cashapp only. My Ko-Fi is only connected Pay-Pal right now, but I will look into Stripe soon.

When I accept your payment, I will ask for your PayPal email to send you an invoice.

I will send you the invoice after the sketch is done. I will not continue working on the piece until the payment is completed (unless we have made a different payment agreement).

Refunds are only available if I have not started the sketch. If you request a refund after the the sketch is started, I will only refund you 75% of the cost for the work done.

Please be as detailed as possible. I will contact you with questions regarding details and if I can't get in touch with you I will take artistic liberties.

You can post the completed work on your personal sites as long as you credit me with a link to my page.

Finished art will be sent to your email of choice.

Requests (For furture reference)

My requests are closed until I am financially stable.

I might change how I run my requests. Looking into doing raffles instead of opening slots.

I close my requests frequently. Look at any of my profiles to see if they're open.

Requests will be done at my own pace, with no time given for completion.

Commissions will ALWAYS be given priority to requests.

Please do not request sequences/comics, multiple characters, animations, shaded or complicated drawings. I had more time/money when making past requests with these examples, so please don't use those as reason to ask for them.

Please do not expect the art to be perfect. You're getting the art for free.

I will block you if you harass me about requests and I will never unblock you, no exceptions.

I can decide not to work on your request at any time I need and cancel it. I usually won't do this, but if I am having issues with my wellbeing I will.

This information will be updated frequently as I figure out my TOS.

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