Don't bring guns to an interdimensional sword fight by A-Fox-Of-Fanfiction

Don't bring guns to an interdimensional sword fight


6 April 2019 at 08:16:27 MDT

A long time ago, in an art site far, far away...I bought this from as I wanted to have my character Oglethwhip face off against a villain from one of my favorite anime. Check out Dead Leaves when you can folks, it's confusing but it kicks so much ass.


Like John Shaft, Oglelthwhip zim Hobbersnatchers is a baaaaaaddd motherfucker. You introduce him in an HP Lovecraft story and he'd be able to kick Cthulhu's big, tentacled ass.
He hunts extradimensional beings, and right now he's noticed the sizable bounty on the Caterpillar the warden of the DL facility on the Moon is trying to he decides to keep it from evolving.
Of course the warden would prefer she tried the Schrodinger's Cat experiment on this hyperdimensional kitty, but her guards certainly couldn't hold him she sent in Triple Six and Triple Seven to try and skin him.
But while the big lunk hasn't made it here yet, Triple Six is quickly realizing that he might have bit off a bit more than he can chew...
Doesn't matter how agile or fast you are...sometimes, but this psychotic freak is about to learn why the creatures of darkness are scared out of their wits at the mere mention of Oglethwhip zim Hobbersnatchers!


Oglethwhip zim Hobbersnatchers belongs to me

Triple Six and the other guys mentioned above come from Dead Leaves, which itself is owned by Production I.G., which I don't own.


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