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Ednit Mritue


6 April 2019 at 07:56:05 MDT

Hello and welcome viewer dear, I'd like to share some new art and more data about the cast of Death Valet. Drawn by https://www.deviantart.com/turtlearmageddon here is Ednit Mritue, one of the main villains of Death Valet and Alistair Garth's archenemy.


Among the thieves and masterminds of the world, Ednit Mritue is among the best, a title not idly earned mind you, for he has gained it through continuously fighting with Alistair Garth on even terms. To this day he has yet to serve a single day in prison despite being internationally active.

The twin brother of Anala Mritue, at a young age he displayed a cunning and knack for thievery that worried his uncle Dhiren, who hoped to tame said criminal urges with the help of a couple of reasonable criminals Dhiren was friends with. However, Ednit ultimately turned out far more ruthless and criminal than Dhiren had intended, and had became a successful mastermind in his teenage years even.

After he ended up alienating his sister as a result of his activities, and was violently protective of her, she ended up busting up one of his earlier operations during her first meeting with Alistair Garth, and Ednit has sworn vengeance on the gator, against whom he's very evenly matched.

Ednit is a skilled fighter, top notch thief and cunning mastermind that could go toe to toe with David Xanatos himself, or at least put up a good chess game, particularly enjoying the use of a sword cane and luger replica.
While he is quite arrogant, and unjustly vengeful towards Alistair, he is at the same time a fairly noble criminal in some ways, disliking the harm or death of innocents and is never generally vindictive to his sister Anala, despite absolutely hating her boyfriend. He's also generally a much mellower individual towards his friends.

At the moment, he's returning to Hetelville after a six month hiatus from crime, back and ready to complete one final score so he can attempt to retire while he still has a chance.


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