Ierona's Show of Fashion by aFilthySmutWriter Septia

Ierona's Show of Fashion

aFilthySmutWriter Septia

13 September 2019 at 16:57:19 MDT

On certain fridays, there comes an interference... disrupting the balance, in any way they can.
Hera are those wacky events that spirit goes through, on this very day.

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[Character Quote: "Imma Scary Bitch." -Ierona. ]

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[Quick guide:

Being a comedic nuisance, sampling perfumes, transformation, golem vore, same size.

After 1st: Cleaning up by hijacking a sprayvan.

After 2nd: Attempting to do a good deed, tossing around horseshoes. ]


Cent: short term for centimetre.]

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[Story preview:

“Outta the way, some've us smell like ancient garbage and need ah new look.” Ierona whipped past the dazed broad standing in the middle of the street, shuffling towards her goal across the street: a fashion boutique. With an ooze of putrid vapours lingering around her patch-worked clothing, the woman entered the store. She turned a corner to the perfume isle and fumbled for one bottle after the other, sniffing along the edge of each intricately sculpted container in the manner a hobo gourmand evaluates a trash-sandwich.

Continued in the story above.]