Sis's Vault Opens by aFilthySmutWriter Septia

Sis's Vault Opens

aFilthySmutWriter Septia

17 May 2019 at 18:08:04 MDT

Thought begets action, action begets consequences. Without thought, action goes unhindered, and consequences are soon to follow. So much can spiral out, from a simple babysitting gig.

This is part of the "Sis's Vault" series. The next chapter can be found here:
Sis's Vault Closes

I wrote this story as a commission for :iconanonymous:.

Proofreader for this story was Farley, many thanks to them.

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[Character Quote: "Big sis is swilly, that's why sees sfoo fun." -Kasper ]

[Quick guide:

Meeting the client, chatting and joking to get to know one another.

After 1st: All manner of cute shennanigans, babysitter and clever boy having fun, food play.

After 2nd: Cleaning up, taking a breather. Temptation rising. Thoughts plaguing the mind.

After 3rd: (add one after the evil thoughts.) Changing clothes, soft vore, female pred devouring her same sized meal. Taunting, teasing and rubbing big belly, bloated abdomen with a happy pred.

After 4th: Internal view, confused prey, causting belly juices singing.

After 5th: (add one after initial entrance.) Ecstatic pred, kneading her tummy, posing and playing with her meal.

After 6th: Digestion growing worse, painful churning.

After 7th: Toying and teasing the melting meal, getting them some company. Graphic digestion.

After 8th: End of the day, an awkward encounter, and dialogue implying more than mere words alone. To be continued. ]


Cent: short term for centimetre.]

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[Story preview:

Wheels squealed to a halt, the venue of houses speeding by the window frame came to a close on a villa at the end of Tegel street.
“Thanks for the ride, ma.” But no sooner had Bast opened the car door before her mother piped in.
“’Your humble servant wishes for you to have appreciated the free ride’,” she said with thick airquotes and flanked her daughter, “earth forbid you'd want to introduce your mother to your client.”
Bast turned on a cent and propped her knuckles by her side, flashing beaming smile to Ismila. “Think they'd the o wrong opinion if their supposed babysitter is being sat on by her ma still.”
Ismila puffed up her cheek in upheaval and sauntered out the car to join her daughter, yet despite how much of a serious face she was putting on, her eyes betrayed the gloomy tones with their sheer whimsy and joy; impossible to see her as anything but jovial, a trait her daughter had inherited.

“Ooooo, you must be Bast, your application photo really does not do your smile justice, you will be perfect,” the makeup wearing a dress proclaimed as she showed the two inside,
“Same goes for you, if I am not mistaking all that lipstick for a smile,” Bast said and nudged them with her elbow, establishing her herself in the hallway, infecting the woman with her positivity.
“Bast, you little brat,” her mother said.
“Ohoho,” the houseowner chuckled, “it helps the camera pick out my grin from all angles, but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it.”
Bast beamed to her mom, who jested a sigh.
“Where the little twerp at then, wanna make sure oi don't mistake him for o cute lil' pup.”
“Oo oho, You would be hard pressed to mistake him for anything but a Fivinr, Kasper, to mommy.”
A moment after she called out, the clacking of overall-claps pealed, accompanying the patter of tubby legs stumbling into the hallway.
“There's my widdle Kasper cookie,” the mother called out and plucked him off the ground, smothering the boy in affection and thinly veiled cleavage.
“Maaahmie, staahp,” Kasper called.
“Ooho, how could I, darling? You are the most precious little boy, aren't you Kasper?”
Kass still struggled. “Maaahm.”
“Who's mommy's treasure? You are, mm, yes you are.”
Managing to turn his head away from the volley of doting, the portly bud aimed his attention towards Bast. His eyes and mouth both opened wide, shining of eager twinkles and crumb dusted teeth. “Little mommy lady.” goth his hands held out awkwardly jabbing in Bast's direction.
“Hah~ Oi like this dweeb, can you tell me how old you are?”
After a moment of deliberation, he held up right thumb and left little finger. “Swoon fwree. An, yhu arh zhis many,” he stared waggling every digit he had. The hallway hadn't contained such infectious laughter for many months. After the laughter had settled, Liv wiped a tear and beamed with joy.
“It is quite true, you will be 'fwree' by next week.”
The boy smiled and pointed at Bast. “Can shey come to bifthday twoo?”
Bast snickered and affectionately flicked his nose. “Course Oi'll be at your party, wouldn't miss it for the world.”

“Sheets are prepared, dinner is found in the fridge, I am certain you wil agree that he should be in bet by no later than ten…,” Mrs Liv rabbled on, presenting lists and everything she needed to put the ‘fun’ in ‘sa-fun-ty’. “And if time permits, make sure he gets his piano practice done, he is such a little genius,” she was talking even when she was one foot out the door threshold and Bast was nodding diligently.
“Worry not, Oi'll keep the little squirt happy as a bun in a toaster.”
Liv insisted on holding and pelting him in smooches once more – almost bringing him along with her – before the door shut on them.
They turned to face each other. Bast started to smile. Kass smiled wider. Bast brought on a full beaming grin. Kass bit his lip to hold in giggles. -Phhwwp- He smacked Bast's leg with both palms. “Jur it.” He declared and scuttled off on histubby little legs.
“Oooo, just wait till oi get o hold of you,” she called out, and the games begun.

Continued in the story above.]