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Pot-Belly Restock by aFilthySmutWriter Septia

Pot-Belly Restock

aFilthySmutWriter Septia

Moving in with your girlfriend is quite the milestone to celebrate, though in the context of your parents missing, the experience is soured.
Luckily, there are many ways to cheer someone up in private~.

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[Character Quote: "Looks like I got the prawn all to myself now~" -Hoouuraahp-. -Blith ]

[Quick guide:

Belching, packing, slobby room, taking out the trash.

After 1st: Post vore, oral vore, huge belly, thrashing, gurgling gut, squeezed in against a huge tummy, belly rubs, massages, teasing, weight gain. ]


Cent: short term for centimetre.]

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afilthysmutwriterseptia afilthysmutwriterseptia

[Story preview:

“Phews, that was all your packing, right prawn?” Blith called from the top of the stairs.
“Got all I indeed. I did not want to bring my entire room. We'd just have to, mm… carry it all back when my parents… turn up again.” Kilen mumbled, disheartened as he hauled a stuffed backpack up to Blith's apartment.
“H-hey cheer up, it has just been a few days since they disappeared. I am sure they'll come around.” By Reflex Blith scratched at the her chunky rear at the mention of parents, an itch she leaned into with dedication to cover up the nervous gesture. -Hoouraahp- In the robust rumble of gullet fumes, she tasted a tinge of guilt.

“How long is it ok I stay for?”
“Wouldn't dream of having you anywhere else, sweet shrimp. Lemme welcome you to casa de Blith and miss pot.” She leaned into a welcome enthusiasm as she kicked up the door.
A wall of grease and dust tainted air crumbled in front of Kilen as he stared down the two room apartment. The floor laid littered housed a collection of boxes – from milk cartons to take out and postal crates – the walls spartan to expose the a melange of stains. There were even clothes and garbage bags dropped off at seemingly convenient locations, the couch being the catalyst of disorder.

Continued in the story above.]