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aerys lurve banana flower

Official flying fox theme song: Winter Edition

I'm about bats, guys, finance, economics, bats, Boston, eclectic furry art, music, pikachu, food, fitness, math, large bats,
and of course bats.

I love meeting people! Hit me up. ^_^


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Who wants to be prey?

If you're not into that stuff, please enjoy this classic video game music performed a capella by a dude with a beard and a cat.

Now, my friendly fuzzy friends who are fans of free art! Over the winter break I've been taking the opportunity to reach out to several wonderful artists and put a few new commissions in the pipeline. Since I've been focusing mainly on pinups of my characters for a long time, I find vore to be sorely underrepresented in my gallery, and Youkai-Chan's shocker of a comic is the first among several new pieces.

Although I think of myself as resourceful, I have bumped against a resource constraint: I don't know enough prey! Among my vorearephile and macrophile friends I find I generally seek out predator/giant/dom/indigestible people. But perhaps my watchers include those who dream of someday becoming bat food? Let me know if you're interested in free art, or chipping in a few bucks, or you can point your friends my way. This isn't first come first serve or anything, and the specifics of the pieces are wildly up in the air, since I have yet to finalize concepts for several pieces. My preference is generally hard, and Aerys is only very rarely involved. Still, I always love discussing new ideas!

Just drop a line, bonus points for doing it here on Weasyl, and we'll talk!

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    i cant believe mfs even went to your weasyl a dead site to shit on you.
    Im not even on your side, but I can clearly see you were just a scapegoat for lust for mob justice

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    I like your audio work.

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    You're a bastard and a liar and you're not goddamn welcome here anymore.

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    This dude racist as shit.

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    Thanks for the fave

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    Thanks for friending me here.

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    You still around? I miss chatting. xD