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R-Force: Meltdown by Aelius

R-Force: Meltdown


"She's a freaking mad scientist..." ~ Stealth

Real Name: Terarra Linding

Codename: Meltdown

Species: Red Kangaroo

Gender: Female

Nationality: Tinzaru, Raikonia

Age: 21

Affiliation: R-Force

Eye Color: Brown

Fur Color: Dark tan dorsal fading to light tan ventral; brown fingers, toes, and eartips

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Power: Can generate intense heat from her body, comparable to a fusion reactor; can project concentrated heat waves a few feet ahead of her; this also makes her immune to burn injuries

Physical Description: Athletic build of toned muscle, primarily legs and abs. Eyes are sensitive to bright light; she is prone to wearing shades (tiny; often balanced on the bridge of her muzzle so she can tap them up to cover her eyes when needed). Possesses at least 11 piercings, most are gold rings: three on left ear, two on right ear, one on lip of pouch, one tongue stud, and four more that are generally unseen

Personality: Cheerful and happy-go-lucky, Terarra is always looking to the sunny side and can see the positive in virtually every situation she's in. She's quite mellow on most occasions (thanks to a calm joeyhood with a loving family), yet tends to be rather quirky, as well. Though she typically acts like a ditz, she's capable of displaying a unique perspective on conventional wisdom. In addition, she is completely confident in her mechanical genius and is prone to showing off her achievements; not out of vanity, but sheer pride. She is constantly seen working on some sort of new device and will rarely sit still; she likes being active and will even pass on food or sleep when her mind is focused on something. When working, she is almost in a meditative state; it gives her mind incredible focus. She also has an impressive pain tolerance (one may guess based on the number of piercings decorating her body).

Due to being raised in relaxed settings, she can deal with "normal" stresses like deadlines and such, but she was also isolated and hadn't completely developed the social skills to handle confrontations with other people. As a result, she shies away from conflict and tends to panic if violence breaks out. The only exception is when she's driving. In a car, she rarely, if ever, panics as she feels completely in control of the situation.

Background: Terarra was raised in Tinzaru's bush (that is, rural settings equivalent to the Australian Outback), the third youngest child of a farming family and the only daughter; she has three brothers, two of which are older. Family life was generally happy and quite normal. She developed an interest in machines early on while watching her father and brothers working on the farming machines at home, and before long was tuning them herself as well as the family cars, motorcycles, and practically any other mechanical object she could get her paws on. During this time, she had become fast friends with Brandon King, the only child of another family of farmers her parents were good friends with. Soon, they became significant others and potential mates.

As Terarra got older, she decided she wanted more opportunities to go out into the world and put her mechanical talents to good use. It wasn't long before she found a decent college and flew through the ranks to become one of the most gifted engineers who ever graduated the program. Opportunities opened up overseas and she took a contractor job in Taekarta. In a rare display of sorrow, she lamented the fact she would be separated from Brandon, but she knew it would mean a bright future ahead for the both of them and she was anxious to show the world her gifts.

Sure enough, she stunned everyone, even acquiring a multitude of patents for her concepts. It was then that Jerelle Arko took notice and began talks with her about designing for the military. Terarra was initially skeptical about designing weapons of war, but once Malivia attacked, she changed her mind and hoped her ideas could protect her people. During this time she also met a young rabbit of the Rinero family; after he took notice of some of her ideas, the two would begin pairing up to co-design a wealth of concepts and prototypes. It was during this period that she also gave him his nickname "Lemon." Meanwhile, Jerelle Arko also proved to be a reliable friend and became one of the first people she would consult with when she had a new idea (which was constantly). In turn, he showed her some of the ancient inventions pioneered by the Aurans, gaining her attention. It would only be a matter of time before the miraculous material known as Verrocite would stir a wave of creativity in her mind, right as an unseen entity prepared to hunt down six seemingly-unrelated individuals, including Terarra herself.

Dominant Hand: Right

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 190 lbs.

Strengths: Terrific reflexes, genius-level mechanic with intricate knowledge of machines, optimistic, carefree, innovative, adaptive, capable of incredible focus

Weaknesses: Ditzy, afraid of confrontation, may ignore food and sleep if motivated on a project, scared of heights, eyes are sensitive to bright light, has a tendency to show off

Notable Talents: Mechanical genius, expert driver, talented projectile thrower, skilled Verrocite forger

Arsenal: Verrocite giant tech boomerang Mercedes (yellow crystal); reinforced chakram disc; throwing knives (4); kukri knife; combat knife; Raesha-2 pistol; miniature flashbangs (4); compact field tool kit w/ multi-tool

Shock Suit: Thermal regulators prevent suit breakdown during displays of Auran power; substitution of torso section with thickened midriff jacket, trading mobility for increased projection of energy shielding; added layer of circuitry in jacket interacts with wrist-com to boost processing power; internal micro-shock absorber pads in key areas aid in protection from machinery; wireless interface with linked shades provides miniature heads-up display, tuned to assist in engineering work and aiming

Fighting Art: Kickboxing

Team Position: Engineer

Nationality: Equivalent of Australian

Voice: Yvonne Strahovski

Theme: "Pressing On" by Reliant K

Here's the R-Force's wild mechanic, Terarra! As you can see by her boomerang (lovingly named Mercedes), she believes that if something is worth doing, it's worth overdoing, and thanks to the miracle of Verrocite, it can take an aerocraft out of the sky in one well-timed throw (and thanks to years of tossing those things around with her brothers, she's deadly accurate with it). Interestingly enough, she doesn't really like fighting, but understands that there are occasions when the only way to save an innocent life is to end a corrupt one. That said, her creativity excels even in war. Mirage once noted, "For a pacifist, she's really good at building lethal weapons..." In her free time, she's usually in the garage working on whatever vehicle has caught her attention lately.

Terarra "Meltdown" Linding © Aelius (me)