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R-Force: Rain Dancer by Aelius

R-Force: Rain Dancer


"She healed me, just like rain can heal the land with smooth, graceful curtains of water."

"Poetic, but rain can also cause floods."

"She's training under Jerelle Arko; that alone should say plenty."

~ Voltage and Spectre

Real Name: Lana Angel

Codename: Rain Dancer

Species: Red Fox

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Terra Tsetaru, Malivia

Age: 19

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Fur Color: Scarlet-red dorsal and flanks; white ventral and tailtip; black arms, legs, and ears

Hair Color: Russet

Power: Healing

Physical Description: Female fox with lithe athletic build and short stature. Muscle is evident, but very lean; suggests history of physical action. Hair is short with plume over forehead. Very limber and flexible. Movement suggests grace and humble poise. Smile could gain anyone's attention. Right paw is always kept covered, usually with bandages or a glove.

Personality: A shining beacon of light amidst a world of darkness, Lana is cheerfully optimistic and elegantly graceful. She carries a gentle demeanor; effortlessly forgiving, and always searching to see the beauty of life around her. Only after she awakened her Aura would she realize these are perfect traits befitting to an Auran Sage. Though she isn't used to high-stress situations, her line of work (trauma medic) has helped her adapt. When threatened, she can instantly become serious enough to deal with grave circumstances when they arise, keeping intense focus on her task without saying a word.

However, she is also quite shy due to isolation during her kithood, and being on the run from Malivia has made it difficult for her to trust others until she gets to know them better. She shrinks away from confrontation and is hesitant to put herself in situations that will gain unwanted attention. This has led to a fear of getting noticed, and will cause her to distance herself from strangers.

Background: Lana was raised in relative isolation for most of her life, due to her heritage. Born on Malivia, she was brought to Raikonia as a refugee after the War of Shadows started the Narashaou-dominated apartheid against the Ri'khana. Through it all, she was the last of her family to make it out.

Her caretaker, Kinsin Angel, often told her stories of her bloodline and how she was the last living descendant of a royal family on Malivia, one of many that lived peacefully with neighboring tribes of Narashaou and Delphi before the War dashed it to pieces and sent them into exile. As the ruling Jershan Dynasty gained power, the nobility fled as anti-Ri'khana sentiments worsened. Lana was continually haunted by memories of being on the run, particularly a traumatizing one during which she and her brother were captured. Though neither of them were harmed, he was caught in an explosion he triggered to cover their escape. Through his sacrifice, she and her caretaker finally made safe passage to Raikonia. They soon met with Colonel Jerelle Arko of Taekarta's military force and, knowing the Colonel's connection with Malivia's Resistance groups, managed to gain a degree of protection in keeping their refugee status a secret. It also helped them both obtain self-defense lessons from the military's finest.

Amazingly, through Kinsin's care and affection (he treated her like a daughter he never had), Lana recovered from her experiences on Malivia and was eventually able to live a normal life in her new home; she adapted amazingly quick, thanks in part to the new, friendlier, pro-Ri'khana surroundings combined with her own desire for a happier life. Though she continually desired to return to Malivia and reclaim her birthright, both she and Kinsin knew that while the Dynasty was in power, their own lives were in danger. The pair never stayed in one place for too long, as Kinsin became continuously afraid that the Malavites were still looking for them. As a result, he refused to allow Lana to stand out in any way. Over time, Kinsin's fear slowly turned into paranoia. He became wary of anyone showing interest in Lana, especially when she displayed her remarkable talents in the arts, such as music, dance, and gymnastics. He denied her the satisfaction of such achievements, trying to discourage her from standing out in any way for fear it might gain her notice, and was prone to relocating at the slightest hint that they had been discovered. Though Lana understood his reasons for this, it didn't bode well for her self-esteem. Her life began looking up, however, when she finally convinced him to let her continue a field of study she began shortly after they moved to the outskirts of Taekarta City: medicine. She quickly ascended the ranks in the medical field, becoming hopeful for a bright future helping others. When Lana began specializing in trauma care, he became even more fearful that she might be led into a trap set by bounty hunters. Despite Colonel Arko's constant reassurance that they were safe, Kinsin's paranoia continued to get worse. Lana didn't hate him for it, knowing that he had a valid reason; instead she pitied him, as it was obvious what the effects of stress were doing to him. Showing him the same love he once showed her, she was patient through his fears and continually supported him the best she could, maintaining her sunny disposition through it all in hopes to one day gain both their lives back on Malivia once more.

Everything would change, however, one fateful afternoon in the Great Northern Forest...

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous, right-dominant

Height: 4' 11"

Weight: 109 lbs.

Strengths: Gentleness, medical expertise, patience, amazingly-quick reflexes, situational awareness, a bit of a playful streak

Weaknesses: Shy, timid, wary of strangers, prone to brashness if circumstances seem safe

Notable Talents: Skilled medic; brilliant gymnast and dancer; talented with violin

Arsenal: Twin Verrocite ninjato Raiko & Daiyo (purple crystals); Raesha-2 pistol; portable medic's kit

Shock Suit: Flexibility enhancements trade shielding for mobility and weight reduction; added cape and "skirt" fabric with inlaid magnetic circuits for extra shielding; cape can double as thermal blanket for medical situations

Fighting Art: Ninjutsu with heavy influence of Capoeira and Judo

Team Position: Medic

Nationality: Equivalent of Japanese

Voice: Kath Soucie (as Lola Bunny)

Theme: "Living Inside the Shell" by Yoko Kanno

Rain Dancer is the R-Force's medic (a critically-needed position due to the fact that half the team are civilians with super powers who are facing off against some of the deadliest soldiers known). Compared to the rest of the team, this vixen has been here the longest. In fact, if memory serves, I think I've had her in mind since the early 90's. She's a special lady indeed ^_^ I'm actually working on a possible new outfit for her, but am yet to come up with anything that's ready to replace this one.

Lana "Rain Dancer" Angel © Aelius (me)

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