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Akosha Terias by Aelius

Akosha Terias


9 December 2012 at 17:30:51 MST

Another back from 2006...

Next in my lineup of ancient Auran Sages is Akosha.

Many have considered her to be a prodigy when she began her training. As an Auran, she possesses a unique "hyper empath" trait that virtually radiates her every emotion to those around her. People are drawn to her leadership capabilities like moths to a flame, and her courage could inspire an entire army. At the same time, her power allows her to feel the emotions of others. Her Aura is so sensitive that she at times feel the same things her friends are, from physical pain to emotional pain (something that she's had to train even harder to withstand).

But before her position as a leader and strategist, she was merely a traveler sent out to explore a mysterious kingdom in the East... and that's where the main story takes place.

Not long after being sent out, she met Mai Tao Ka and Mikaou A'Choe and discovered they too were on their way East, so they all joined together. A few towns later, they met Ri'kinto, and then there were four....

Akosha's power gives her a bit of a maternal instinct to those she travels with (her friends) and could easily be considered their leader, for the very same reason. Some consider her wise, though she still retains a very cheerful and optimistic attitude throughout their travels (even at times when she's not smiling, such as her meditative position shown in the pic here). Another interesting note is her tolerance of cold, despite having minimal garments worn (minimal clothing was the main trend for Sages back in those times). It might have something to do with her being raised in the Northern Mountains during the first few years of her life, but regardless of the possible reasons, she can take it. The pic here, for instance... well, think of it in the same way that Buddhist monks will sometimes meditate completely nude under freezing cold waterfalls, to test their abilities to focus and concentrate.

Her unique eye color comes from a recessive gene in her bloodline; make note of it, because you'll see it again in the future ;)

Making the pic, I tried to employ some faux-reflective effects for the Verrocite crystals in her scythe and armor, though shadows still seem to give me problems.

My next horse pic will be a front view, I promise XD

Akosha Terias © Aelius (me)

Background (and foreground) by Terragen.