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Miakou Cam'run by Aelius

Miakou Cam'run


Next in my series of ancient Auran Sages, Mikaou was, at the time, my first-ever attempt at drawing a horse. I think he turned out a lot better than I was expecting, though the head and ears were a bit big.

As a Sage, his power mainly involves the healing of plant life, and he can also manipulate plants (such as growth) to a limited degree. This power has resulted in making him immune to most toxins and even substances like caffeine and alcohol, though unfortunately it also diminishes the effects of medicines and herbal remedies. As a Sage, he's new to the fighting portion, but Sages aren't necessarily "just warriors". He's gentle and understanding, but a bit naive as well.

Heh, I made the mistake of drawing his tail BEHIND his sword despite it looking like it should be in front (I wanted to show off the sword's design and totally forgot about the concept of proper overlapping) so I tried to fix it in the shading and shadows, making it look like he's holding the sword at an angle.

Given a Mature label due to his exposed rump (fashion trends back in those days were... minimal).

Background provided, once again, by Terragen (I love that thing).

Mikaou Cam'run (I've since changed his surname) © Aelius (me)

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