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Mai Tao Ka by Aelius

Mai Tao Ka


This image was originally posted in 2006, and really jump-started a tremendous surge of creative inspiration that led me to creating a new story setting parallel to my R-Force universe. This setting takes place thousands of years prior to the R-Force's formation. More details to come in the next few pics...

While working on required works like commissions and trades, I'll occasionally diverge and do some original art if inspiration hits. This pose and weapon set was heavily inspired by a pic of an anthro warrior from Steve Miller's book, "Freaks!"

Enter Mai Tao Ka, my first red panda anthro and also one of the ancient Auran Sages in a new storyline I developed with I was hit with a massive wave of creative inspiration a few weeks ago. Her Auran power focuses on an extreme sense of total awareness - she will continually know every single detail about her surrounding and environment, making it virtually impossible to be taken by surprise or sneak attack, even by those using invisibility powers or psychic camoflague. Despite her intense training that led to her becoming a Sage, she is yet to experience an actual combat situation. That will soon change, of course...

She exists in the same universe as my R-Force characters, but in a time period that takes place centuries before the R-Force is even formed.

Mai Tao Ka is © Aelius (me)

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