Average Day by Aduro

The painful eye twitch began to return as she stared blankly at the map, before shifting her gaze off to the reports. As she read them, the painful eye twitch only intensified as she continued to shuffle through them. First glancing over the general information of the report before turning back to the map to place a marker on the location. This repeated a number of times as she grew even more irritated, finally setting aside the reports and focusing all her attention on the map itself. Mounting frustration along with the terrible coffee from earlier this morning only seemed to make everything worse as the equine felt the rage just brewing inside her. It wouldn’t be much longer now. At that exact moment, the door flung open, rattling as it struck the wall as a guard came bumbling into the room.

That was the very last straw for the equine, being forced to watch as one of her guards fell face first on the ground, looking even more exhausted than she did. She threw the papers aside before standing upright at her chair.
“That’s it!” she roared, the tone of her voice coupled with the sound of her hands slamming onto the desk caused the guard to scramble. Quickly leaping up to his feet as he saluted her unconsciously. This drew her attention just for a moment or two.

“What are you doing?” she snapped, “Unless you have something important to say, get back to catching that serial thief!”

“Um...”A-about that...” the guard stammered, “There’s been another robbery.”

“WHAT?!” her voice grew louder, causing the guard to wince just a little bit. “Where at! What happened?! Was anyone injured?”

“T-the r-report hasn’t been finished y-yet, General Elvera,” he whimpered, his wolf ears lowering just a little bit as she drew closer. “B-but...”

“SCREW THE REPORTS!” she shouted, now lifting the much-larger wolf off his feet. “Tell me everything you know! The thief has been escalating as of late and I’m not about to let them run rampant all over this city!”

“B-but...” as he was trying to speak, she pulled back her fist with a frantic look in her eye before quietly lowering the cowering guard to his feet again.

“I just can’t have some thief stealing from the people. Whomever it is, is stealing jewelry mostly, or anything of real value at least.” Elvera sighed, “And the longer we struggle to keep up...of COURSE they’re going to escalate as they get more confidence. But...” she turned around for a moment, glancing down at the map with all the marked locations. “Nothing about their movements make any sense to me. They started at the port...stealing a crate or two of food supplies...but no one saw anything.” As the rambling went on, another guard skidded into the room, slamming headfirst into the other guard, causing both of them to fall over one another and their armor to clatter as they struggled against each other. This in turn caught Elvera’s attention, making her turn back to face them. “WHAT ARE YOU TWO IDIOTS DOING?!”

They both panicked, scrambling over one another before bringing themselves to attention once again. This time fully serious. The new guard was that of a phoenix too, with very bright yellow plumage. He seemed even more frantic than the other guard as he entered.

“General!” he panted, “Another place has been hit...!” as he gasped, looking as though he was about to pass out. “This time...a Jewelry store.”

“Hey! I was supposed to tell her!” the wolf snapped back at him.

“Then why didn’t you?!” she hissed,

“Oops...” he blushed, turning back to Elvera, “I...uh...I panicked when you threatened me...” There was another heavy sigh from the equine Animeleist as she shook her head very slowly.

“Recruits...” she muttered, before pushing them both aside and stomping right out of the office. “I’m going down to investigate this myself...”

Average Day


14 February 2016 at 14:51:58 MST

Just a quick story I threw together today. Just for the fun of it. I have a novel published with Elvera as the star. Just so everyone knows.


I own everything in this story. LEGALLY too.

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