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End of 2017

on 31 December 2017 at 15:38:20 MST

Unlike the vast majority of people where none of the bad news of 2017 happened to them yet they act like they had it so hard this year when really it was just average for them, it was a pretty decent year for me, not gonna lie. Went to Disney World, on set to graduate, made major strive in making a dream project that I have friends and professors say that they are very interested in, decided what I want to do in the future content-wise. Yeah I say I had a decent year.

I will say though that the world and a ton of people had it rough in 2017, but we all made it! And if we can make it, we can survive 2018! Why give up now? 2018 is going to be huge for me, graduating and making a huge attempt at putting myself into the working world. I hope everything will turn out great for me. I know trying to make it as an artist is very hard to do, at least financially, but that is something I can be willing to take.

Hope everyone's 2018 will be amazing and hope the world has a good one too! Happy New Years and see you all in the future year!

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    thanks for your lovely support.

    wish for you long happy peaceful life fulled with love and joy.