Snow Croc by DavidWasHere

Snow Croc


24 December 2017 at 19:05:18 MST

It's starting to snow again. Which means that James has to bundle up and make sure he is toasty warm. It's not easy being a cold-blooded reptile! It really isn't!

I've always wanted to draw James in the snow because I thought it would be cute and whatnot. I liked how it turned out. I was going to add some shading but I liked how it turned out actually without the added effects. So I just figured let it be. Also this is the first time I used some new brushes. I updated my Photoshop program to the 2018 version which added exclusive brushes in the file if you have the Creative Cloud account, which I do...sort of. So yeah I'm trying out new brushes. It's pretty thick but I'll be sure to toggle with it and see what I like and what I don't like.

Also techically I was going to wait after Christmas to post this online but I just figured why not, so here's my Christmas submission. Happy holidays 2017!

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Forget - Xiu Xiu
Sleep Well Beast - the National
american dream - LCD Soundsystem

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