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End of 2017

Unlike the vast majority of people where none of the bad news of 2017 happened to them yet they act like they had it so hard this year when really it was just average for them, it was a pretty decent year for me, not gonna lie. Went to Disney World, on set to graduate, made major strive in making a…

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Birthday and Update

Hey everyone! Been a while since I posted on here! First things first, yesterday was my birthday!!! ^w^ I had a fun time yesterday and received some cool gifts, including an Amazon Echo Dot, which wasn't something I really wanted and could have lived my life without one, but it still was cool that…

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On Furry Amino

Hey everyone! I forgot to post this but I am on Furry Amino! I don't really post on it besides maybe upload artwork and whatnot so if you want you can add me there! My username is James the Croc on there! Or maybe my username on FA, which is DavidWasHere. I forgot what I did >w<" DeviantArt: http:/…