virus a34hz4 (old) by 2382 (critique requested)

virus a34hz4

stage one
can spread very heated environment only known victims boss monsters hybrids can be carriers

victims become very sexual
victims also become more intelligent more deceitful more hidden more occlusive
overabundance and mitochondria Les leading to massive energy feeling tonsil a hyperactive that's leading too bad decisions
one group of muscles pulled itself out of the arm and wrap around it that's giving more muscle mass and strength but looking pretty scary to anyone else
teeth become more dense able to puncture Solid Steel

stage 2 65% chance of treatability excessive weight gain ,thin layer of Flesh between thighs most likely for mitochondria storage
excessive fur growth duplicated Oregon's interior that are human ,10% chance of a third eye opening,
25% chance of an extra digit growing,2 times horn growth ,kids age a lot faster kids aged up will be very badly sexual might even do some bad things
if possible will save the Flash in a container or something severe strength up,aging to death is no in void if breeding happens during the disease

span of stage 2 can be anywhere from a couple hours to 3 days

stage 3 treatability 35 chance of the fusion of the human organs and the boss organs monster happen,
one human soul supercharged immune system taking the Flesh and trying to have others eat it or take it in some way,
at some point most likely would try to adopt a magic that abnormal,something done to the dead bodies reflexes double hunger x3
good chunk of weight loss 60% of what was gian ,muscles contract back into the body fur black ther,
Crystal on the roof of the mouth,forces the person to eat food to strengthen claws causes retractable claws to no longer be retractable vein going from head all
the way to the tail becomes a lot more risk-taking immense if not insufferable pain,very weak Venom found teeth and claws ,
Flash grows near eyes covering them near end Stage causes of Flesh cocoontill the Cocoon breaks 10 - 40 day

stage 4 15% chance of treatability and below growing of a pouch strength varying strength of skin
alphys elephant like
goat unknown sans concrete thin plates underneath the skin for protection
undetectable normally,sexual pheromones and chemicals released in Mass,
species can now consume and digest meat even if they couldn't before and now crave's meat
Flash is removed off body of excess but still try to save it to infect others,muscles in the legs position themselves to be more agile

stage 4

unknown chance for unknown add ons to happen examples wings ,new magics, higher brain function,
try to mimic the sexual hormones of the nearest species try to mimic like the other species if it can
,tries to mimic the call of the species mating sound,lot more territorial,body forces self to carry two extra fangs or more
very low to have less, blood secretes a toxin

Stage 5 blood Toxin and Venom is good enough to kill at least a human immune To their toxins they become more violent
up by 20% if not more,especially hostile toward non mates and or trespassing of its kind,aggression up to the point of underfell
,wolf like pack at times,will kill for anything soul that is not meat nor useful,suicide on small spaces,creation of horns that are curved

around original if not curved horns on the new one that has made growth does not stop it food is of ease,very low chance to kidnap others
for mating,underneath belly Hardin plating of scales on goat and possibly other species,scaling around knee pads and base of foot also elbows,
scaling going up to from the neck to the cheek of the face

virus a34hz4 (old) (critique requested)


13 September 2017 at 22:50:31 MDT

I was crazy with undertale and since monsters couldn't normally get diseases from what I remember I made one hybrid to brain one this probably has lots of inaccuracies and or poor grammar but I figured I'd share it because of the unique concept

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