I am WhimsicalSquirrel, a guy who does business within the furry community despite constantly criticizing the furry community. I'm primarily interested in scoring some commission work so if you're interested, drop me a line, and we can talk business.

My preferred anthros to draw are rodents, canines are boring and I've had enough of them. If you need decent rodent work done, I dare say I'm your guy. For commission work my media tends to be traditional sketches that are digitally colored.

Maybe later I'll jot down my personal interests and such but right now I'm just gonna assume that nobody really cares about that stuff.



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Does anyone give a shit about this site yet?

on 10 June 2017 at 06:19:33 MDT

I've been away from Weasyl for a while. With how dead the place is it's been sort of hard to want to keep up a presence here. I noticed that forum topics I started in January are still among the newest threads so that doesn't bode well.

It's a fine enough website but...nobody interacts, you know? Feels like one of those school exercises where the teachers have you play a game to get to know each other but you're all too socially awkward to want to really participate so you kind of just shuffle around until they mercifully let you sit down.

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Background (Full Color Only)

add  Full Background
$ 5.00


Detail Sketch
$ 15.00
Full Color
$ 20.00
Line Sketch
$ 10.00

$20 for full colored character. 3 characters for $50. +$5 for full background.

$15 for detailed sketched character, 3 characters for $40. Simple background only, no additional charge.

$10 for line sketched character, 3 characters for $25. Simple background only.


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    Draw a bat.

    That is all.

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      Obviously I missed this. Don't check this place much anymore, it's just too dead.

      Anyway...I do talk to a guy who has a bat character. I've tried to get commission work from him but so far he's not biting. My assumption is that he doesn't care for my style.

      Sadly, it seems unlikely I'd do a bat, otherwise. I don't really do wings and bats just aren't my jam. But hey, if it comes up, maybe I'll make an exception and post it over here, too. Meantime, I do more business on Furaffinity, Sofurry, and occasionally Twitter. I think I recall you having words about Furaffinity, not sure how you feel about Sofurry...but anyway, if you're interested enough in my nonsense for it, those are also options.

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        I don't really spread myself around, Twitter is icky, SoFurry maybe... I'm on FurNetwork or whatever but its pretty dead too.

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          I can't pretend that Twitter isn't pretty gross but it sates my need to snark at conservatives. Sofurry is ever so slightly less dead than Weasyl. Of course, it has cubs...not as bad as InkBunny though which as far as I'm concerned is marketed as the furry site for pedophiles which appears to be their main clientele...I have an FN account but haven't updated it in ages. Not only is it dead but I hate that stupid interface.

          Maybe people should just ACTUALLY use Weasyl. I admit it's hypocritical to complain that it's dead while also failing to contribute until that changes but what can I say...unlike most people, I really don't care about other people's furry art, so if on top of that the site lacks meaningful interaction, it's hard to find a reason to stick around.

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            I think Weasyl is the most undead of the dead sites, and it has a nice interface, and stuff. I use Weasyl everyday and get some minor interaction I suppose. I appreciate you chatting with me anyway, haha. I just can't bring myself to go on FA, and speaking of updates it still looks like it was made by cavemen.

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              I might be in the minority but I always preferred FA's interface. Maybe it's just because I'm familiar with it but I really don't like how modern sites present themselves so FA doesn't bother me. Granted, Weasyl doesn't look too bad. Furry Network is a grand example of the annoying direction modern websites are going.

              Maybe it's because I haven't established my "brand" here but I've had more luck in terms of interaction on SoFurry rather than here. Admittedly I don't really make stuff happen here, and it's been a while. I've been warned several times about certain things on FA so it wouldn't hurt to get a good following going elsewhere when I inevitably get banned. I've considered that I should start posting my backlog of art here. I've finished 14 projects since the most recent one posted here and hell, I'm not even friends with the guy I drew it for, anymore ("Hillary would have been worse than Trump" says a stupid white guy. "Go fuck yourself, crackerjack," says Whimsy). But I dunno you're missin' much, a lot of it is rapey squirrel drawings. I dunno if the European, female demographic is looking for rodents engaging in unilateral consent. There's a handful of what I call "legit" art in there as well.

              I get why people don't like FA but at the same time I also don't get how they get so wrapped up in those same complaints. I'm not trying to defend FA, if anything my perspective is that I use it to my own ends. It's allllll about Whimsy. All the "backstage" drama with the owners, the moderators, drama about potential hires...I really don't care. I'm not paying them and I don't donate. I even block their ads. As I've said before I'd love for people who make a big shit about how they're leaving FA to ACTUALLY make something of it and liven up the other websites but for whatever reason, something brings them back to tubby ol' Dragoneer, and keeps them from every saying anything or doing anything elsewhere.

              Oi, I'm rambling.

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                Yeah I get it. I think I like that it's quiet here, maybe I wouldn't if it was as busy as furaffinity. Plus there's individuals I just don't want to see and I don't here. And I know I can (and do) block ads but I feel like even if I'm a little statistic for imvus stock holders on FA I feel like even that is too much support.

                Anyway... I like your stuff and you're pretty neat to chat to. So I hope you swing by occasionally at least.

                Have awesome smite god Camazotz:


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                  Thanks for the compliments. Perhaps I'll make an effort to check this place out more regularly. Besides in the short time I've been back here responding to this thread I already managed to make a snide comment about somebody's amazingly vapid-looking character design so I should at least see how that pans out.