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Xabi / 26 / nonbinary boy

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Back from the Dead

Hello everyone! I'm sure everyone has long forgotten about me, it's been a very long time since I can back around here. A lot has happened over the past several months, I've lost two jobs and moved states away from my home, still far from living with my partner, whom I've been with for almost 8 mon…

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I'm alive I promise!!

Sorry I haven't been updating often, life has kind of gotten in the way. I recently got a job, I've been there about three......????? weeks now? IDK. Thanks to my friend who got me the reccomendation ;v; So thanks to that I haven't had a lot of energy to draw, along with the whole being depressed a…

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I'm super excited oh wow, I haven't been this excited about an IM program in a while, but I just got a telegram! It seems super easy to use, and a lot more convenient than skype, at least for me. If anyone ever wants to or needs to get a hold of me, my telegram username is xabiwhispers, just don't…

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So I decided to make myself a redbubble to sell prints and products with my art on them!! It's pretty barren right now with only one piece of artwork, since I JUST figured out everything this morning, but I'm working on more pieces as well! Also, I'll be putting a link to it on my profile soon! htt…

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commissions maybe

i think im gonna open up emergency commissions for the next week and a half, bc i only have five dollars left after getting my drawing tablet and a computer i can actually efficiently use to draw, but i’ll have to open them after the laptop arrives, which should be by wednesday and i need money so…

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does anyone have an invite code i could use? i would love to try the site out, and since i left DA i could use another place to post my art on so i can get noticed. I don't want to work in merchandise forever, i would love to be able to sell prints and stickers and keychains of my own, but i dont h…

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hey there!!

It's been a super long time since i made this account, honestly i forgot all about it!!! But I deleted my DA after their last notice concerning art theft, and decided 'well,why not use weasyl now? i need to fill this hole in my heart where DA use to be." I also upload to tumblr, nabyn.net, and FA.…