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wow... hi guys again

Hola guys. Haven't log on Weasyl since long ago. I feel bad for log in on the site everytime FA goes down, I should be using more. Problem is the following: too many social networks to use and too many art sites around (last time I got an invite to Paigeeworld and I was like "another site to use?"…

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Flood of arts @_@

Hey there! I'll try to submit some arts here! It'll be a mirror of FA but I'll try to keep this active just in case you're not on FA anymore, I hope you enjoy my works! :)

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Commissions sheet @_@

I'm kinda lost with it and I don't understand how it works... >.< It's like you made a group, a subtypes, but still, dizzy. @_@ I'm not sure if the info goes for every one of them or for each type of commission... Maybe it should be simplified like FA? Uguu, I don't know... just trying to figure th…

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http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5473779/ Just letting this thing up, if anyone's interested. ^^ Note me over my FA, if you happen to have an account in there, if not then, use Weasyl system, though it's a bit hard to have track of commissions everywhere, I'll try my best. @_@ See you!

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Hello W!!

Hello everyone!! First off, thanks everyone for following me and adding me as a friend. I appreciate it. ;w; I never wrote anything here, so it's the first journal here. I've seen tons of people joining this site too. I remember when as first was a beta, when a good friend of mine invited me, I had…