wow... hi guys again by WhitePhox

Hola guys.

Haven't log on Weasyl since long ago.

I feel bad for log in on the site everytime FA goes down, I should be using more. Problem is the following: too many social networks to use and too many art sites around (last time I got an invite to Paigeeworld and I was like "another site to use?" I also registered an account on SoFurry but never used it either). I hope I can fix that eventually.

Lots of things happened since I lasted submitted here. The passing of my dad, the most important one, and me being in a new tratment again (yes health is always an issue). I'm still in mourning and probably will for a long time. Too much to do.

If you know me from FA and have commissioned me, feel free to note me your refs again, here or in DeviantART, another site I still use until today. Or you can wait until FA comes back again.

I updated my profile again and hope to upload something (so much stuff left out). Kinda confused about the ratings but let's see how that works. I def like the stream and website settings here. See you around!

wow... hi guys again


17 May 2016 at 21:52:10 MDT

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    hiya *wiggles*

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        Hiya. You streaming anytime soon?

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          I shall probably, once I recover more and got things to get finished

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    Oh my gosh... I'm so terribly sorry about your dad's passing. :( I hope your health holds up well enough! It really is cool to hear from you again. :3

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      aaa thank you!! it's been awhile yeah, but we're here ;;