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State of the Weasyl

So, we've seen the first wave of sweeping changes for the website with the introduction of dynamic thumbnail layout, giving us larger preview images to better judge the content of the piece as well as giving us a less rigid visual structure. I am strangely okay with this. Site looks pretty good to…

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Anyone else remember Swapnote/Letterbox?

I dunno about you people, but I really enjoyed the program and I was pretty sad when Nintendo ended spotpass service for the program. No more notes from internet friends, and none of my local friends use the thing. But, that's okay. I figured out a different way to approach this. With Tumblr! http:…

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FA's still down

Somehow, I haven't cared all that much. Maybe it's because there's this other nice new site I can use and browse instead. >;3

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So, yeah. Weasyl.

That is certainly a thing now, isn't it? After one of the longest creative dry spells I've ever had, I'm working on a couple new pictures. I'll get them uploaded at some point in the near future. But I wanna upload nice things here. I have no idea why, but this place makes me wanna only upload my c…