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State of the Weasyl by VGJustice

So, we've seen the first wave of sweeping changes for the website with the introduction of dynamic thumbnail layout, giving us larger preview images to better judge the content of the piece as well as giving us a less rigid visual structure.

I am strangely okay with this. Site looks pretty good to me. ' w'

State of the Weasyl


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    I don't like it. I find it actually hard on the eyes. There's visual bias to landscape images, the non-gridded large thumbnails feel, as best as I can describe it, "noisy". It's difficult to scan over because there's a lot of conflicting information at once. The old thumbnails avoided that at the expense of (by default) not always cropping a good focus point. DA's (old) default avoids that, but it has space around varied image shapes.

    DA also did this new idea and I hated it. I still hate it.

    Now to be fair, it might work if the system had constraints and worked in terms of "cells", i.e. multiples of 100px. This way the thumbnails would be varied while having a sense of order to them. I don't think this can be done dynamically though.

    It's bad. It's bad it's bad it's bad it's bad
    design major thinks it's bad and they better damn well give the old system as an option. I'm hating people dismissing criticism as "well that's just your opinion" because it feels like they just don't care. Weasyl did very well so far, this is maybe their first screw up.

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      I agree.

      Not only does it look like crap its harder to look at.
      This is a sign Weasyl's turning into a second FA.