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Theo / 26 / nonbinary they/them

Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Dusting things off

Adding in some new stuff from this year here since I'm gonna try to upload here more often! I'm still most active on Twitter since I like to do a lot of sketchwork on the ipad now and its just easy to post commissions there on the ipad instead of moving them to the pc and then posting ig. I'll be p…

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Commissions Open! 4 Slots

Gonna officially open for larger stuff! I'm taking 4 slots for $45 flat color commissions, $40 Cell shaded bust commissions, or $55 shaded commissions! NSFW is ok, just ask me if its ok. Examples: Flats: , NSFW…

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Woah hey sorry for the spam

I forgot I can upload to places that aren't Twitter and Tumblr wHOOPS but hey I'll be tryin to keep updated, mostly uploadin the bigger stuff here rather than my doodles and sketches, which I don't upload to Twitter often, but sometimes I do and its pretty chill. I'll prolly be doin more finished s…

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Commissions open!

I'm opening commissions for a while so I can pay for school, food, clothing and other cool stuff like that! I'll close them if I get overwhelmed and all, but otherwise its unlimited slots! Prices can be found here! If you have extra questions on what I will or will not draw feel free to ask me! If…

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So FC has come and gone a while back, good times were had and I got a bunch of cool stuff! I've lately been focusing on college, and doing sketch streams in between things, though recently I came down with a nasty cold that's been kicking me down quite a bit. In about a week or two I think I'll ope…

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FC 2015 meme!

Hotel: Hotel: Hyatt Place! Arrival/Departure Friday-Sunday Means of transportation Carpool Sharing a room with: :iconk-elp: and milkandcooki Gender Genderfluid, they/them or she/her please! Relationship Status spaghetti How old are you? 19 on the saturday of the con How tall are you? 5'7 Are you an…

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$10 Sketch commissions!

Taking these for the rest of the month, unlimited slots! They will look like these examples! If you have a question about what is or isn't off limits for what I'll draw, feel free to ask!

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Commission slots open!

I have a little better time management now and I think I'll soon have a streaming day down as well, so I'm going to open slots for commissions! Shaded characters like this > and are $40, additional characters are $20…

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So, sketch commissions open and an opinion needed!

I'm opening for sketch commissions since my queue will be cleared by tomorrow, these will be done within the week and will be flat color sketches, I'm open to three at a time and I'll open spots once its cleared. Note me or comment for a slot! Prices: Fullbody: $15 Waist up: $10 Headshot: $5 Extra…

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Health Scare

Had a pretty bad scare last night, some severe abdominal pain came out of nowhere and I was just almost unable to walk. Had to call my parents since I couldn’t really remember my neighbor’s number at the time, but they called my neighbors who came over to try and help, and they had to call my medic…

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Current Queue

Just a post for what I've gotta do right now, still have the april discount on things for those interested here, Flat comic for cryo-lithius on FA - flat coloring - 1/3 paid Sketch for Artica on FA - paid and finished Reference sheet…

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Cheap fursuits!

My friend ace is taking a fursuit commissions for hella cheap, I've seen his example suit in person and its pretty nice! Definitely check this out!

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Commissions open! April sale!

I'm in a bit of a pinch right now and need to get some things for my senior project, so I'm doing a month-long sale to get the things I need! Colored sketches are $10 Extra characters are +$5 Flats are $25 Extra characters are +$10 Shaded characters are $35 Extra characters are +$20 I'm only doing…

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Sketch and Flat Commissions OPEN!

I'm not gonna take too many though, and shaded options are out for now because it would take me way too long but yeah! Sketches: Uncolored for $10, Monochrome/normal coloration for $15 cryo-lithius on FA finished vultureculture Flats: $30 fullbody, $25 waist-up busts cryo-lithius on FA sketching -…

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I got a laminator!

Which means I can make badges once I get the time to! And not have to pay like $2 to laminate them! And can ship them sooner! Basically all around good investment. I got like 120 sheets with it so I'll be good for a while. Thank god for Amazon gift cards.

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2 $15 Sketch commissions!

I'm taking two monochromatic colored sketch commissions! They'll look like this, and be done by Monday! Send a message if you'd like one!

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So Furtherconfusion

Who's going? Cuz I am and I'm really excited!! It'll be my second year there and this time I'll have a lot less restriction since my mom is leaving me and a friend there. I'm nervous for it but I'll be turning 18 the day I'm going so its kind of like one of those first adult situation things. I'll…