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Health Scare by UncommonCritter

Had a pretty bad scare last night, some severe abdominal pain came out of nowhere and I was just almost unable to walk. Had to call my parents since I couldn’t really remember my neighbor’s number at the time, but they called my neighbors who came over to try and help, and they had to call my medical insurance people or something I don’t really know, but the advice nurse on the line said I might have appendicitis based on the symptoms I told, so I had to go to the emergency room. We got there around 11 and I was so scared I thought I was going to die or something I’ve never been hospitalized before in my life and they had to take blood and then gave me morphine and it felt really weird and kinda painful having a tube in my hand. I was there until 5 am and then allowed to leave and they said its probably not appendicitis but they still weren’t sure so I just need to come back if it continues. It hurts a little still, but not as bad and I’m just hoping its nothing serious and its just like stuck gas or something.

Health Scare


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    Shit dude. If you really need anything, let me know, and I'll come back to the bay in a heartbeat.

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    Damn, that sounds terrifying. I hope it really DOES turn out to be nothing.