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Updated Profile/Gallery

Now that Weasyl isn't invite-only, I'm making two separate accounts, just like on DeviantART, though much less updated (obviously). I deleted my writing and non-furry related art off of this account. My new, personal account will be under the name "McKinleyMassacre" and will include all my writing,…

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Commissions Queue

Thought I'd make a new journal of it, so here ya go: Commission Status: Closed **HOW TO READ** MY progress on the work/OTHER PARTIES status on payment Above the line=currently focusing on. This happens when someone either has a deadline or has already fully paid for the commission, otherwise you en…

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Commission Options/Details

Here I'll list EVERYTHING you can order, but keep in mind for designs and personalization: if you can think it, I can do it :) Any designs, tattoos, etc, just please have a reference when you order! Note: will update as often as possible # = things that don't cost extra, and come standard in any su…

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DIY Stilt Kits

***I NEED TO UPDATE THIS, WILL DO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE*** I'll be trying some new things to make the stilts more comfortable and sturdy to wear, so I need to update the materials list. The prices are all right though :) LIABILITY INFO; PLEASE READ: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3956265/ **Sizi…

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Due to the fact that it is very possible for someone to misuse my stilts in any size, I can no longer offer pre-constructed stilts of any kind! There could never be any guarantee I wouldn't be sued if someone were to be injured; you cannot sign your rights away. HOWEVER: I will be offering DIY kits…