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Torin_Darkflight / 38 / Male / Iowa, USA

"One of life’s most over-valued pleasures is sexual intercourse; one of life’s least appreciated pleasures is defecation." - Mark Twain
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Forget Weasyl (Rant)

(Crossposted from FA) You know how I said I was in the process of copying my gallery over to Weasyl? Yeah...forget that shit. They pretty much just gave me the middle finger regarding a vast majority of my Spyro art by deleting it, all because of my method of using actual screenshots from the games…

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Getting there

Almost done! All I got left to upload are my stories, and then my gallery will be up-to-date. :3 When it comes to broken links in descriptions, bear with me while I slowly and gradually fix them. I used a program to copy my gallery from FA to Weasyl, and it doesn't convert from BBCode to Markdown.…

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Gallery Transfer Status

Whew! This Chrome addon really helps speedup the process of copying my gallery from FA to Weasyl, but it's still taking a while. I'm stopping for the night. Current status: X My Art X My Photography -- My Stories X Scraps X Commissions Trades & Requests By Other Artists -- Cleanup Descriptions & Fi…