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Forget Weasyl (Rant) by Torin_Darkflight

(Crossposted from FA)

You know how I said I was in the process of copying my gallery over to Weasyl?

Yeah...forget that shit. They pretty much just gave me the middle finger regarding a vast majority of my Spyro art by deleting it, all because of my method of using actual screenshots from the games as backgrounds...which is something the admins here on FA have NEVER given me flak over. In fact, I even asked one of the admins directly on the forums years back whether this was ok, and they told me yes.

I know FA has its issues, but when it comes down to it, FA has been really the only place to fully accept me for who I am, including my art. For over eight years, I've been able to post my art here in my own style, and although I admit trolls have gotten to me on here, the admins themselves have never once given me any trouble, be it regarding me using actual game screenshots as the backgrounds (But NEVER as 100% of the image content!) or the methods I use to censor my thumbnails. They've done nothing but stood behind me regarding this.

Weasyl, on the other hand, just effectively told me to get lost.

I never did get around to copying my entire gallery over there. I got all of the images, but none of the stories. I no longer have the desire to finish that transfer. In fact, I'm now thinking of just purging my entire gallery over there and using it only for browsing, if at all. There's still some very good artists I follow who have migrated exclusively to Weasyl, one of which I currently have a pending commission in progress with. I don't want to lose track of them.

I'm not mad at the artists or other people who use Weasyl...I'm mad at the admins for not using the one brain cell it takes to recognize that my use of the game backgrounds falls under fair use according to federal copyright laws. Oh wait, I'm mistaken...they DO recognize that it falls under fair use, because the notification I got from the admins about the removal specifically states that they are aware the legal notice I typically post with my art would past muster in a court of law...but then they give me a "fuck you" by saying it still violates their policies. Since when are the terms of service on a website more binding than federal law?!

And before anyone says that Weasyl is just trying to protect themselves from being sued even if fair use or parody does apply, ask yourselves this...why pick this one single issue, yet still allow fanart, including adult fanart, of other copyrighted or trademarked characters or images that would be equally suitable for lawsuit material? If they were truly trying to protect themselves, they'd ban ALL fanart containing copyrighted or trademarked imagery or characters, yet they do not.

I've been wanting to branch out, try to find a broader audience despite the generally objectionable nature of what I typically draw. I still want to. But, this experience with Weasyl has pretty much soured me on that idea. Yes, there's InkBunny and SoFurry...but now I find myself hesitant to try them. What if they are equally restrictive regarding my use of game backgrounds, or find some other unforeseen reason to deny me from posting art on there? I just don't know anymore.

Thanks for bearing with me during this rant. I just had to get this off my chest...

tl;dr - I'm pissed off. Weasyl deleted most of my Spyro art because I use screenshots as the backgrounds in them, something which is recognized and allowed as fair use under federal copyright laws. FA admins have never given me problems over this. Debating purging my Weasyl gallery entirely. Still want to branch out to other sites, but hesitant now. I just needed to vent for now.

Forget Weasyl (Rant)


13 March 2014 at 23:50:50 MDT

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