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what is this
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oh yeah. furcadia portraits.

sry gonna spam you all with them. they're the things I'm best at 8D and I never got around to uploading them in my Big Mass Upload.

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does premade art sell well over here?

simple question LMAO I'm really not sure what this 'market' is like yet ;-; by "premade" i guess i mean like a "YCH" type thing. just not an auction ...?

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changing my sig + "scraps" folder now

it's now going to be the star, but with STELLI beside it, because well, it should be more noticeable than it is atm anyway. now to do the tedium of redoing it on all my pics if I decide to fix the buggers. oh yeah and I just made a folder for "scraps"!! so I'll be attempting to use that from now on…

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anyone else play subeta?

IF SO then pls add me I need more subeta friends maybe we can giftbomb each other or leave silly comments?! my username is condesce.

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old art soon

yep! gonna be submitting some of my older stuff in a bit to fill out this gallery a little. also hello, watchers over here! nice to meet you all n3n