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Discord Server Online!

Hey everyone! I made a Discord server you can join: If you wanna do some random chatting, share your art, get feedback, talk about gaming or just lurk, you're welcome! I may also sometimes post sneak previews of what I'm working on. Just be sure to read the rules once you…

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Hey folks! 2018 has now arrived in my neck of the world, so I'm doing a Q&A session! Feel free to ask me about anything! There is no deadline really! So GO FOR IT! :D Happy 2018! Tas

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Hey everyone! I've set up an account for myself in case people have questions they want to ask me! Now, I will still answer questions people leave in comments and stuff, but also allows you to ask anonymously in case you're shy and wouldn't ask normally. It's a…

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Update for summer 2016!

Hey everyone! Tomorrow I begin day shift at my first summer job in 4 years. It's kind of an intimidating thing for me, but it's also hopefully a step towards normalcy and properly dealing with depression and how things have been for the last few years. Knowing myself, the next three months are goin…

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FAQ! (updated 9 July 2015)

I figure I should have my FAQ up here as well, I've directly copied it from FA: -COMMISSIONS- Q: Are you open for commissions? A: Yes! Q: When can I get a commission? A: RIGHT NOW! Q: Why are your prices in Euros? A: Because that's the currency I use to p…