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Sillydraco / 36 / Male / Merced, California

Time for sleepy, dream of new things - new life, new reality, new wings.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Sometimes
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Flash Dress-up Game!

Hey everyone! Is anyone interested in getting a personalized flash dress-up game? I can draw you, in flash, and you can have all kinds of costumes and toys and stuff that you can drag onto you and well just look at this :I For $25 you will get around 10 costumes and 1…

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Bid on YCH auction and get FREE ART :D

This one here: Every person who bids on the auction gets a free sketch, anything they like c: You don't have to actually win, as long as you put a bid in you will get one. One per person. They will be done after the auction is complete. Get in there, I need…

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Guys I seriously need some help...

With all that's been going on right now I don't think I'm going to be able to make rent next month, and I've been doing everything I can to make the difference. I am getting set up with a job agency, but that won't be ready in time. I still need about $400 more, and I'm selling stuff to get as much…

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So my alternator just went out and I really can't afford this right now, not after I JUST replaced the axle -_- So today, Wednesday, and Thursday I'm going to be having PWYW streams to try to get this down to a manageable size. This car is just hemorrhaging money x3x I'll make a post when the strea…

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Patreon GET

Ah dun gots a Patreons! c:

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GUYS I still have 3 slots available for YCH Pokemon Comic! ^ Click Here So I still have 3 slots that need to be filled! If you know someone who might be interested or are interested yourself lemme know! :) Slots available: Ducklett Garchomp Trainer 2

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Free Sketches!

Okay, so during stream I'm going to be giving away free sketches between PWYW commissions, using a random number generator. I will be streaming tonight and most of the day tomorrow! Keep an eye out for my post, tell yo friends tell yo momma tell little timmy down the lane! The more people get stuff…

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I've been doing lots of streams lately, but nobody seems to be showing up. Fortunately things have been picking up lately though ( I got 5 people in there at once, a new record :D ) but nobody bought anything, and considering the streams were Pay What You Want they've been an utter failure thus far…

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Legend of YCH - Slots and Price Discussion c: So if you look in my scraps in the link above you will see some WIPs of my new up and coming game Legend of YCH (name subject to change lol) I plan to offer the chance to have your character in the finished game, either as the main character, an NPC, or…

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Flash Animation Auction

The last flash animation (seen here: ) was so much fun, I want to start on another one! So I will be having an auction to see who gets to work with me on it :) The winner will have their say in everything, anything they want animated will be done. I can als…

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I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my prices... commission me maybe? NOTES: Paypal or money order only plz. ( paypal: sillydraco[at] ) Pay first, draw second. Add $3 for each extra character beyond the first Post here or PM me if interested Slots: 1_) 2_) 3_) 4_) 5_) 6_) 7_) 8_) 9_) 10) Silly Grab Bag $5 Digital pic with tablet.…