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HELP PLEASE by sillydraco

I've been doing lots of streams lately, but nobody seems to be showing up. Fortunately things have been picking up lately though ( I got 5 people in there at once, a new record :D ) but nobody bought anything, and considering the streams were Pay What You Want they've been an utter failure thus far u_u

Though I do need money (about 80 by the end of July) I'm not asking for handouts, and I want to make that clear. I'm not asking for money, what I'm asking for is simple. Please help get the word out! Do you know anyone who is looking for cheap quality art? Maybe make a journal or tell your friends.

If you have a lot of followers a signal boost would be greatly appreciated! It's really hard for artists with very few followers to be heard over all the big names, and a boost really helps!

I try to stream every day around 1pm (Cali time) and around 10 or 11pm (Cali time), and while the small trickle of attendees has become a slightly larger trickle I still haven't gotten any bites. I may not be the best artist, but the quality is fairly decent and the price is pretty low. If I lowered my prices any more I'd have to start paying people to draw art for them xD

Thanks for listening,

  • Silly



9 July 2014 at 12:51:29 MDT

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