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Shammy / 31 / Snail / Chicago, Illfilth

Rock your life like a Giraffe!
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Hey...would you mind if

I posted some of my smutt-er drawings/sketches here? They would be marked red of course but I've always be nervous about it

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I few days ago I just checked the Clear All comments and replies on my messages thing AND NOW I DONT KNOW QHEW TO POST AND REPLY TTATT I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR THE WATCHERS AND WELCOMES FOR THE FOLLOWS!! I will try to be better next time TTATT OTL I am active on tumblr, dA, and maybe FA now >//< How…

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Commissions + Species Questionare

I've been thinking that I should start offering commissions. I wanted to post here cause it seemed like a nice place to start and it seemed open to new people the 'buis' Heh-- I wanted to post here cause I think it is a much better place for people to see this than on dA or FA. Here is what I would…

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Flight Rising!

I am on Flight Rising! << Come be my friend! Also I forgot who I commented on their journal...ggrrr my brain hurts

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I'm in FLA

Going and Hangin about Clearwater and Orlando

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That Meme about Me?

Basically took this from everyone I follow >//< What's your real name? Alexandra but everyone calls me Alex or Shampoo How tall are you? 5’7 What's your natural hair color? Dirty Brown - Burnt Reddish Brown What's your eye color? The colour of Raw Jade What's your orientation? I like girls more tha…

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Hey Guys-Dudes-Hip Cats-Diggy Dogs-Swinging Lemurs...? I'm not hippie-ti enough for this XD But I am in FLA till the 7th of Dec! Soaking up Sun...? Nope XD Its chilly here! Well I have to wait till I get back to draw/scan stuff in. Fuu But all the Loves~! <3 Shampoo | Lax | ^=^

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Getting Crazy!

Hey Tomodachis~! I am doodling and whatnot but only on paper but I want to post something other than sketches & doodles! So I will make two folders for sketches and serious work~ I am editing some pictures now so once the project is all done I will be active with submissions~ Hugs all Around ~ Sham…