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Commissions + Species Questionare by Shampoo

I've been thinking that I should start offering commissions.
I wanted to post here cause it seemed like a nice place to start and it seemed open to new people the 'buis'
Heh-- I wanted to post here cause I think it is a much better place for people to see this than on dA or FA.
Here is what I would probably offer for commissions. I am curious if anyone would be interested and for how much you would be willing to pay.

Going to add fullbodies too for grins

Happy Viewing~ <3

Another note! I know you're probably tired of hearing of new closed species or just new species in general?
If you are.....To Bad ;D Because that is actually what I did-- Actually a few months ago.
I was mind searching and I've came up with a sort of hybrid/new species that is based-inspired by the animals Bearded Vulture, Dragon/Alligator, Panther. Truthfully the tail of it is more along the lines of the dog breed Silken Windhound.

  • Please Welcome Gypaetrides to the mix!!

Click here for a preview + detailed notes

I've already posted a few previews and doodles I did on my twitter and art tumblr and also showed some friends and I am very excited to work on them!!! I've been off and on drawing bases for a Introduction Giveaway.
However life, sleep, and time got away from me to sit at my coffee table and desk to finish it.
I feel like a twat for not keeping my word to get it done ASAP.... but you know how things are. When you want to do it- you can't.. but I will keep that in it's butt and work on it in my freetime!

-- I am working on two panels for ACen with my mom that will be friday so I am busy with that.
Also I had my Bday! (May 1st) and I got Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning now know where is my time is. Also reading Alexander the Great and Hespation novels to Achllies and Prytroclus ones.... I love those kind of romances...also look up Max & Iago...if you want your heart to hurt.

Commissions + Species Questionare


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