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Cassie 'Shalie' Wilson / Female / Sunny SoCal

All I see are pencile lines and pixels...and now sewing stitches too...
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Upcoming commission slots

Hey yall! So I'm trying to get myself back over in here and being active again, but it's been hard for a number of things. XP (No, I did not die, I'm not dead, though there are days I feel like I want to.) So, as title says, I'm going to be taking some commissions real soon! The short: Cassie's bac…

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OH yeah, I forgot about this place

I made this account some time go when the site was starting out, but didn't have time to do anything with it. And seeing as I keep seeing people talking about their accounts over here, I figure I should pick up the slack! And boy, was I surprised to see the number of people that found me!!! <3 It's…