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Upcoming commission slots by Shalie

Hey yall! So I'm trying to get myself back over in here and being active again, but it's been hard for a number of things. XP
(No, I did not die, I'm not dead, though there are days I feel like I want to.)

So, as title says, I'm going to be taking some commissions real soon!

The short: Cassie's back/neck went to poop, got chiro bills+rent to work out!

This is mainly for digital art slots, but I also need to start focusing on getting Christmas plush orders set up! So I might take a few as well.

But here is the deals as to why I'm here suddenly:
Recently I've been having major back and neck issues, the neck is the current one I'm getting treated for. BUT not only have I been put behind by several weeks just from the pain (when my back went out I was stuck just laying on the floor for 3 days crocheting to keep sane!) but now the Chiropractor bills are kind of in my vision making me go :| 8c X'C

My goal is to make at least an extra $300, maybe more, in the form of either a couple large digital commissions (starting at $100) or a bunch of smaller ones, like icons, badges and busts (roughly $30-60.) Also, I start apartment sitting the 16th for a week and plan to take my computer because sewing won't happen.
Mainly I'm just giving people a heads up, trying to see who might be interested and for what price ranges so I can define my limited number of slots by next week and start the commissions going.
Also for the week I'm gone I might try streaming, like all day streams, as long as my friends' internet likes me as well as my comp. :p
I'll also get heavy into talk about custom plush work, but my prices for customs is going up, and so I need to figure out all those fun details.

Q: "Hey, if your neck and back are bothering you, how is that going to effect commissions?"
A: By the power of Ibuprofen I will get art done. Plush work is another matter. (Oh Lord I hope their chars like me... oh man...)
Seriously though, if I find the misfortune to not get commissions done within that week because of back agro, I'll refund commissions if there is any concern.

Q: "Badges, are they just digital or are you going to mail them out?"
A: I prefer digital, but I can't do any printing/mailing until I get back home on the 25th anyway. If you want a physical badge of XbyX size we can talk still on what extra effort/$$ involved in that.

Q: "Did you say you crochet?"
A: Yes! I started it up again for the last year, mainly just so I can have something to fidget with while listening. So far it's just scarves and granny-squares for larger projects, I've done a few hats for friends. But I've been stocking up on yarn and plan to reopen my etsy shop to maybe sell bags, and make special ones just for fursuit use! I'm even working on paw-print pattern squares and rounds and fun things just for it!
I don't have an idea on pricing yet, and as much as would love to drop all I'm doing to play around in making final prototypes all day, I cant. This journal is taking more time then intended XP

Q: "Did you just make up all these questions cause you didn't want to write them out as details?"
Yes, yes I did.

So yeah, commissions coming, start raising hands/paws if interested and let me know your budget so I can plan out my slot limits.
Thanks guys <3

Upcoming commission slots


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