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I'm sick. Been in pain, cant walk/talk straight. I keep pausing between words and such...I can't even open a bottle of water.... FML. Still hasn't eaten anything since Yesterday.....which I think the only thing i ate yesterday was some strawberries...and mashed potato. Couldn't even finish lunch. I…

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Character Design help

I need help. Not that kind of help. But it can help too. My brain died. Like...it died. I have a major brain block. I can't think of a character or a design (furry-related). I need a new character, and I'm willing to make a custom conbadge/art trade for one. I can even make a lamenated conbadge and…

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I'm going to be uploading some of my newest sketches from my sketchbook. I'm proud how my style improved ad changed from my early work.