Character Design help by ShakeDatCody

I need help.

Not that kind of help.

But it can help too.

My brain died. died.

I have a major brain block.

I can't think of a character or a design (furry-related).

I need a new character, and I'm willing to make a custom conbadge/art trade for one. I can even make a lamenated conbadge and mail it, if you would like that.

Has to be an animal or creature of some sort, (Dragon,Gryphon,Wolf,Cat,Sabre-tooth tiger,Horse,Lizard,Moth,Fox etc.)

I don't care what gender or species it is.

Can only have 3 colors MAX. (These colors are Turquoise blue,Grey [somewhat medium, not too dark, and not to light] and White.)

The colors reflect on my current stock of fur fabric. Turquoise being the most,then gray, and a wee bit of white left.

This is because I would like to make this character into a partial for more practice.

To submit an character/design idea , I would like to see a link to a drawing of it, not a description.

If you have any questions please send them in a note or private message.

Please spread the word.

-ENDS JUNE 5,2013-

Character Design help


6 March 2013 at 13:36:29 MST

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    Winner has a choice of:

    A) An Art Trade. B)Lamenated Conbadge (I can mail it). C)25 DA points D)<u> MAYBE</u> A MLP chibi plush. (canon/oc)